When does Child Support Terminate?

Ohio Revised Code §3119.88 sets forth the circumstances under which a child support
should terminate. These circumstances are as follows:

  • The child reaches the age of 18 and has graduated from or no longer attends high school on a full-time basis*;
  • The child’s death;
  • The child’s marriage;
  • The child’s emancipation pursuant to a court order;
  • The child’s enlistment in the armed services;
  • The child’s deportation; or
  • There is a change in legal custody of the child.

*The obligation for child support can continue once the child has reached the age of 18 so
long as the child continues to attend high school on a full-time basis. However, in this case,
the support cannot continue past the age of 19.

It is typically the obligation of the residential parent to notify the Child Support
Enforcement Agency of any reason why a child support obligation should terminate.
Although in my experience as a domestic relations attorney in the Cleveland/Akron area, it
is also a good idea for the non-residential parent to notify the Child Support Enforcement
Agency as well so that garnishment of the non-residential parent’s income can be stopped
before any overpayments are made. While the residential parent would be obligated to
return any overpayments, it is simply an unnecessary hassle (and possibly expense) which
can be avoided by a simple phone call.

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