How is Child Support Determined?

Child support is determined on a case-by-case basis using a calculation provided in the
Ohio Revised Code §3119.022 and §3119.023. In my experience as a domestic relations
in the Cleveland/Akron area, the information needed to complete most child
support calculations is the following: (1) the number of children subject to the support
order; (2) the gross annual income of each parent from all sources; (3) the cost of providing
health insurance coverage for the child(ren) only; (4) the cost of any employment-related
child care; (5) the number of additional children born to either parent and another
individual; and (6) whether either parent pays or receives spousal support to or from
either their current or a former spouse or child support for any other children born
to either parent and another individual. While other information may be necessary to
complete the calculation in each individual case (ie. the cost of union dues, the percentage
of local taxes in that area), this is the basic information which should be presented to your
attorney at the start of your case.

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